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Las Vegas Flight Academy Now Offers the ATP CTP

ATP CTP Course: $3,950.00

The LVFA ATP CTP course is 6 days in duration and there is nothing to study before arrival and start dates are flexible based on availability.

ATP CTP is not a preparatory course the for FAA ATP written exam, you will need to use an online study course to prepare for the written exam. We are happy to provide recommendations of companies that provide these materials.

The course breakdown is as follows:

  • Ground School: 32 hours
  • Fixed Base Simulator: 4 hours
  • Full Flight Simulator: 6 hours

Our ATP CTP course will be taught in our B-737-300/-800 Level D full flight simulators and no prior experience is required as ATP CTP is a non-aircraft specific course.


  • Meets at least one of the following requirements:
    • Holds a commercial pilot certificate with an instrument rating.
    • Meets the military experience requirements under 61.73 to qualify for a commercial pilot certificate, and an instrument rating if the person is a rated military pilot or former rated military pilot of an Armed Forces of the United States; or
    • Holds either a foreign airline transport pilot license with instrument privileges, or a foreign commercial pilot license with an instrument rating that was issued by a contracting State to the Convention on International Civil Aviation; and contains no geographical limitations.
    • Read, write, speak, and understand the English language.

Successful completion of the ATP CTP course is required by the FAA in order to take the FAA ATP written exam. No rating or endorsement is earned by completing the course, however, upon completion the student will be issued a certificate to present at the FAA written exam showing completion of the course. The certificate has no expiration.

Please contact us at 702-701-3226 for additional information.